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Myrtle is a wonder herb derived from a family of shrubs and trees collectively known as Myrtaceae. These plants are almost entirely located in tropical regions including Australia and America. Myrtle can also be found growing in North Africa, Iran and in the Mediterranean.

The Tree

Myrtle trees are distinguished by the evergreen leaves that contain those valuable and aromatic volatile oils. Many varieties of myrtle produce gums, resins and flashy blossoms. The myrtle tree also produces black berries which, along with the leaves, are used in aromatherapy applications.

Health Advantages

Applications of myrtle for health benefits can be traced back to the time of ancient Greece. It is believed that the evergreen wreaths worn by Greek athletes during the Olympics were actually made of myrtle leaves. The Greeks believed that myrtle signified immortality, and so the plant derivatives were used it in many love potions, as well as in treatments for various ailments.

Myrtle was used to treat respiratory and urinary problems during the time of the Roman Empire. Ancient Egyptians used the herb to treat nervous afflictions. Historically, women in France would drink a tea brewed with crushed myrtle leaves to preserve their overall vigor and youthful appearance. There were even suggestions that myrtle may hold a key to the cure for cancer, although this has never been proven.

Conventionally, myrtle was used to treat coughs and various types of respiratory infections, such as bronchitis. Thanks to its astringent properties, it has also gained a reputation for promoting good digestion, treating urinary tract disorders, and prevention infections in wounds. According to recent laboratory studies, the herb contains substances that are anti-inflammatory, making it a good astringent compound. This likely accounts for the plant's enduring use for wounds and coughs.

In addition to healing wounds, myrtle is said to be anti-infective and is a good tonic for speeding up the healing process. In the Middle East, it has long been perceived by traditional healers as a useful herb for diabetes.

The 1980s saw scientists putting the myrtle herb under the microscope in an attempt to identify the active ingredients that lends it its various medicinal properties. Results of one study indicated that extract from the herb can decrease blood sugar in mice. This explains the association associating myrtle with diabetes. However, there is still no concrete proof that the herb is safe to use and effective for people who have the disease.

Using Myrtle

Myrtle extract is taken from the plant's leaves and seeds. Studies have shown positive results when the plant extract is taken orally and in liquid form. The standard dose of liquid myrtle extra is one to two milliliters taken daily. Always ask your doctor before taking myrtle.

Although uncommon, topical myrtle extract formulations can also be used. Again, be sure to use this herbal treatment only under your doctor's supervision.

There are two types of myrtle. Take special care that you do not mix up the two. Myrtus communis, the "true" myrtle, is the plant described here. The other variety, called "Madagascar" myrtle (Eugenia jambolana) is a totally different plant and has entirely different effects on the body.

Myrtle is understood to work well with other herbs and nutritional supplements. However, do not use it if you're taking insulin or oral sulfonylureas. The herb may increase the blood glucose, lowering the effect of these medications.

Writer Mabel Dugmore writes for several popular web zines, on womens health magazine and postpartum doula subjects.
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