Tending To Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

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A tendon is that part of the human anatomy that functions to connect the bone with the muscle. The tendon is a dense fibrous cord that is elastic in nature. The tendon can be likened to a heavy duty rubber band.

Tendonitis is defined as an inflammation of the tendon. This inflammation can occur due to a number of circumstances or events.

When an individual is diagnosed with posterior tibial tendonitis, in simple terms, this means that they have an inflammation of the tibial tendon located on the rear portion of the lower leg. Anatomically speaking, posterior is defined as the back portion of any part of the human anatomy. The tibia is one of two bones that comprise the lower leg.

Causes Of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

The uncomfortable condition known as posterior tibial tendonitis can occur through a number of cause related activities. Generally, these events consist of activities that are performed to excess, performed improperly or may be due to some type of trauma that is experienced by the lower extremity. Examples of these types of activities include running, dancing, or some other type of extreme activity that required the use of the legs. Arthritis can be one of the medical conditions or types of trauma that can induce posterior tibial tendonitis.

In addition, another major cause of posterior tibial tendonitis can be experienced through the simple act of walking. However, a style of walking that is performed improperly. This improper style of walking is seen as the individual walks on the innermost portion of their foot. This unnatural style of walking forces the muscles to compensate which leads to excessive strain. This series of events may precipitate posterior tibial tendonitis.

Symptoms Of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

There are several uncomfortable symptoms associated with the condition known as posterior tibial tendonitis. Some of these symptoms include pain and edema in proximity to the arch of the foot as well as on the inner side of the ankle. This pain increases in severity when the sufferer rises up on to the ball of the foot or if the foot is extended upwards.

In addition, pain is experienced when there is an increase in physical activity as well as a feeling of extreme tiredness in the foot following very minimal activity. Eventually, if left untreated, the pain experienced worsens and eventually limits the individual's ability to function normally.
Ultimately, as the condition worsens, the individual will experience a loss of the foot's arch. This condition will culminate in the afflicted individual being unable to exert pressure which can be demonstrated when that individual tries to push off with their foot.

Treatment For Posterior Tibial Tendonitis

Treatment for posterior tibial tendonitis begins with rest. This rest can be obtained by minimizing the activity of the afflicted individual as well as immobilizing the leg. This immobilization can be accomplished through the use of a brace or a cast.

Also, the use of cortisone may be indicated. Cortisone is a steroid and is used as an anti-inflammatory medication. If cortisone is prescribed the medication is injected directly into the tendon casing.

In addition, physical therapy may be indicated along with the performance of specific exercises. Those specific exercises suggested will strengthen the muscle that the posterior tibial tendon is connected to.

For more information about tendonitis go to: The complete free Tendonitis Resource

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