What Causes Ovarian Cysts?

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The causes of ovarian cysts are many. Each month during the menstrual cycle the ovaries normally develop follicles, which are cysts like in structure. Estrogen and progesterone hormones are produced by these follicles, which are necessary for pregnancy. If the follicles stay and continue to grow over a length of time an ovarian cyst can develop.

Follicular cysts are the most common type of cysts. They are usually harmless, rarely cause any symptoms and usually disappear on their own. Normal causes of ovarian cysts affecting the follicles take place when the pituitary gland releases hormones to trigger the release of an egg which in fact does not occur. Instead, the follicle continues to grow and develops into a cyst.

When you body is having luteinizing hormone surges during your monthly cycle, this is when an egg is released. The follicle that developed ruptures and an egg is released, producing estrogen and progesterone preparing your body for the possible conception. At this stage the follicle is known as a Corpus Luteum. If the Corpus luteum seals off and starts collecting fluid inside a cyst is formed.

A corpus luteum cyst will typically disappear on its own without any treatment, although it could grow to 4 inches in diameter during just a period of a few weeks. It could also bleed internally or twist an ovary. If the corpus luteum cyst ruptures this can cause internal bleeding, in addition to sudden sharp or severe pain.

Clomiphene citrate, a commonly prescribed fertility drug to induce ovulation, might be a cause of ovarian cysts. Usage of this drug may result in an increased risk that a corpus luteum cyst might develop. Corpus luteum cysts by themselves do not pose a risk to pregnancy.

Hemorrhagic or endometrioid cysts are cysts that contain blood and develop like the other ovarian cysts. The blood composition of the cyst comes from an injury or from blood vessel leakage into the egg sac. Some causes of ovarian cysts can be attributed to the bleeding and shedding endometrial tissue that embeds itself in the ovaries. This build up will eventually rupture and cause pelvic pain.

The actual causes of ovarian cysts occurring can't be prevented, but there are certain steps you can take to decrease the possibility of them developing. The most important steps you can do, but not limited to, is to improve your overall health. Easting healthier, getting more exercise, controlling stress and remembering to take time out for yourself to relax. Plus regular checkups with your doctor call all help to reduce the chances of developing ovarian cysts.

Minimize the development of ovarian cysts by knowing what are the causes of ovarian cysts. Read more about the causes of ovarian cysts along with many other ovarian cyst articles at ovariancystfacts.com/

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