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Oops! That fall didn't look that good. It looks like my son has a cut on his knee. It would be alright if it had heeled up naturally but after a day or two, I notice that the scab isn't forming. Rather than looking a dark shade of pink, almost purple, it is bright red and exposed. No amount of bandaids are good for this kind of thing.

You may think as a parent that every solution requires a doctor or a trip to a pharmacy. Think again. Curing an infection naturally isn't very hard. Forget about spending money needlessly and focus on what you have. There are natural alternatives right in your kitchen.

For the first one, head for the hot beverage area. Take out your cheapest grade of tea bag. I have cured infections using Earl Grey true but the Orange Pekoe was a total mess so now I stick to the cheapest. Submerge the tea bag into a hot glass of water and let sit for ten minutes. In this time period, the Boric Acid starts to reach the surface of the bag.

After ten minutes, sit your child down and have them administer the tea bag by pressing it on their unhealed wound. It doesn't take long and the color of the infection starts to change. This is the equivalent of a modern day poultice, used to suck infection out of a wound. The Boric Acid in the tea bag has healing properties.

I have known people who have had their wisdom teeth pulled and been told by their Orthodontist to start packing a tea bag.

Whenever, I tell parents this cure, they don't believe it until they try it. Within a day, the scab is there and nature takes over. Your kid is as good as new in no time.

If you don't cure the infection and it gets worse and worse, there are times when the infection can fester and become more serious. Antibiotics will be required or minor surgery to drain the infection. In the end, this cure takes about twenty minutes and keeps you at home.

The other cure has to be used a little earlier. If you see a cut on your child, put some honey on it to coat the wound. Honey has natural antibiotic qualities and will both cover and help start the healing process. If the cut is already infected, you will need to go with the tea bag method.

Enjoy healing naturally! Good luck!

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