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Constipation is often part of living a fast paced lifestyle with many healthy - and some not so healthy - food choices available. It is not at all unusual for an average person to now and then suffer from temporary bouts of constipation. Unfortunately, there is a chance temporary constipation may turn into a condition of chronic fecal impaction, which requires decisive action to forestall any systemic far reaching consequences.

To counteract constipation, you must first look at what you eat on a daily basis. There are many healthy food options available at the grocery and even at fast food restaurants. However, there is a good chance that even though you're eating healthy you may be getting constipated because of how you eat. Digestion starts with chewing properly, as within the chewing process enzymes start to breakdown nutrients. So, if you eat too quickly and don't properly chew, you could become constipated.

Choosing what you eat is important. If you've noticed you're experiencing an increase in constipation, you may be eating a diet too high in fat or sugar. You may want to increase your fiber intake by using a supplement or adding more vegetables to each meal.

Hydrating yourself is a necessary component of being digestively healthy. Don't count on soda and coffee for hydration, as they often dehydrate. Digestion should give your body nutrients and eliminate waste. However, if you add fiber to your diet to help with constipation, it's vital you also add water to your diet.

For those who eat by the book, vitamins may be the reason for constipation. Vitamins, even when used properly, can cause constipation. Iron supplements are among the most notorious.

To further counteract constipation or even fecal impaction you may choose to undergo a colon cleanse. It is wise to discuss this option with your physician as this is not a treatment for everyone, especially if you have some medical conditions that have put you under a doctor's care. In some cases your physician may advise you to try a round of prune juice drinks after meals before resorting to a colon cleanse.

Children who show signs of constipation should be watched closely by parents. Fecal impaction should not be allowed to develop. Parents can think about the time constipation started and examine their child's eating from that point on to target a possible dietary cause of the constipation.

Children who are often constipated should see a pediatrician. Sometimes kids will swallow tiny toys and other objects, causing an obstruction. If an obstruction is not recognized the situation could become life threatening. A quick x-ray can show whether there is an obstruction or not.

Mark Washington is a freelance writer who specializes in the research associated with finding a natural constipation cure and colon cleansing.

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