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Herbal Remedies:

High blood pressure is a condition that has the potential to be quite a health risk. Therefore, it is essential for anyone suffering from high blood pressure to follow the advice a health care professional or a qualified naturopath before relying entirely on remedies other than prescription drugs. Similarly, for controlling blood sugar, while you may try alternative remedies, you should always take your doctor's advice about reducing the intake of (or stopping) prescription drugs.

Silymarin for blood sugar - Antioxidants are known to be beneficial in controlling blood sugar. Silymarin, (silybum marianum) a herbal extract taken from the seeds of Milk Thistle, has wonderful antioxidant properties that work in this manner. By taking Silymarin, you can reduce your blood sugar levels quite significantly. Silymarin contains the active ingredients called flavolignans, which help the liver from poisoning. They also are believed to help in controlling Type 2 Diabetes, although the exact mechanism as to how they do it is still not clear.

Mulberry leaf Morus - mulberry leaf is chock full of Vitamin A and the B family of vitamins. It also contains pectin, adenine and choline. Chinese make and consume 'sugar control herbal tea?made from morus, green tea and jasmine in order to control blood sugar levels.

Vaccinium berries - Herbs that include huckleberries, blueberries and bilberries belong to the genus Vaccinium. Bilberries are rich in antioxidants and are said to control blood sugar levels. Both the leaves and the fruit of the bilberry herb have long been in use for the treatment of diabetes. However, as the leaves do impair the normal working of the liver when used for a long time, it is better not to use the bilberry leaves at all. But the berries of the bilberry herb are very useful, even if they may not actually lower the blood sugar levels. They are good in protecting the blood vessels from the damaging effects of diabetes and other diseases.

Neem leaves - Extracts from neem leaves and bitter gourd, it is believed, help in controlling blood sugar levels, provided they are consumed on a long term and regular basis.

For controlling blood pressure, you should first take care of your nutrition. Avoiding meat and dairy products will help. In doing so, you can reduce your cholesterol too. Eat an abundance of fruits, especially those kinds that do not aggravate your blood sugar levels, in case you are a diabetic as well.

The best thing that can really work for lowering your blood pressure is drinking a lot of plain water while avoiding consuming soft drinks, particularly those that are processed drinks and those that contain sugar. It is better to avoid coffee as well. The best advantage with water is that it does not produce any side effects at all.

The next thing you can do is to minimize your intake of common salt or sodium. Better yet, just avoid salt altogether in your food. Table salt is processed sodium chloride and is found in high quantities in processed and pre-packaged foods.

If you start with only fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and whole grains, you won't have a problem lowering your sodium intake. If you cannot avoid salt intake altogether in cooking, you can perhaps use sea salt or celtic salt? whose molecules are quite complex, and so it is not harmful like table salt is. It is also difficult to find low-salt foods at restaurants due to the high volume of prepared and frozen foods they buy before they even begin making your dish in the restaurant.

Following any or all of this advice will help to control blood sugar and blood pressure the natural way.

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