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Do any of the following sound familiar to you: struggling with your weight even though you diet constantly and always seem to be hungry, low energy levels that have you waking up tired, difficulties staying healthy due to a compromised immune system? If so, then you have may have reached the conclusion that important lifestyle changes just cannot be made. Thankfully, you are wrong--you just haven't found the right balance yet. Lucky for you, the holistic experts at Natural Rejuvenation have spent the past 33 years finding that balance. Their expertise has lead them to the recommendation of colon hydrotherapy-- Indianapolis is a diverse city that has provided them with the clientele they need to be sure that their techniques are successful for people in all walks of life. When it comes to colonics, Indianapolis residents will tell you that Natural Rejuvenation is the place to go, and even if you're not in their local area, the advice offered here is well worth taking.

To create a healthy body it is essential to detox and build the body at the same time. You simply cannot have one without the other. Cleaning the body involves colon hydrotherapy, often in combination with herbs and homeopathics. The reason that colonics are so important is that fecal matter can, and often does, build up in the colon, creating an accumulation of toxins. Your body then has to work overtime to get rid of these poisons via any channel possible. This is necessary for the very survival of your body. When you first start your colon cleaning, you will probably benefit the most from doing a series of a dozen, tapering off to about one per month. Think of the first dozen as spring cleaning for your body and the rest as maintenance cleaning. Your body takes a lot of abuse, and in today's modern world it takes more and more to detoxify from the all the different chemicals and pollutants that we encounter. It used to be that seasonal colonics (once every three months) was enough--that's just not the case anymore.

Everything you put into your body has an effect on it. Beyond the nutritional value, there is the issue of pH, and also the additives and pollutants that might be present. For this reason, you have to be truly willing to change your lifestyle in order to achieve the healthy, balanced state that you desire. Perfection is not the goal, but dedication is. For some people it's easy to make dietary changes, but other people will be challenged every step of the way. One thing that we recommend is that you set aside a day where you can eat those foods that you just can't justify as healthy. Rather than taking dessert off the menu entirely, allow yourself reasonable portions. There is no better way to prevent yourself from gobbling down a whole pan of brownies than the knowledge that you will not be deprived of these brownies at some future date. It's when you begin to act out of desperation, thinking that you're not allowed foods that are "bad," that you find yourself eating cake out of the trash bin.

Written by Dr. Terri Hawkins-Fox. Natural Rejuvenation is a center for colonics in Indianapolis and colon hydrotherapy in Indianapolis, Indiana. Find out more at .

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