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The colon is an important region for detoxification of the human body. The colon is the route to expel toxins. When it does not work effectively, toxins accumulate which results in health disorders. Detoxification is required when the colon develops a dysfunction. The body tissues won't eliminate wastes unless the colon is in working condition. Colon cleansing is an ancient and proven practice for rejuvenating the body. Food is one of the best techniques for cleansing your colon. Including fiber rich food is the ultimate way to help your colon flushes unwanted toxins. Blackberries, prunes and prune juice are also excellent foods to use for cleansing your colon.

Just about any other type of fruit or fruit juice which usually makes you have a good bowel movement will work as well. f you eat fruits or vegetables with their high source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber, you are activating peristaltic action in your colon and this helps to push through any fecal matter waiting to move out of your body. If you eat those foods that take 3-4 hours to digest you're hampering your cleansing body cycle and are promoting future diseases since those toxins and chemicals that are not good for you remain in your body and are stored as fat or toxin matter. So, avoid eating eggs, potatoes, sausage, ham, bread, butter and milk.

When you drink juices and eat fruits in the morning you not only actives the elimination factions. It is these minerals that when in the blood and lymph, they will neutralize acid waste which has the effect of a blood and lymph cleansing action. So take a cue from your body, which knows what it doing, and follow along and give a helping hand. Eat and drink fruits and vegetables in the morning to cleanse the colon and the blood. Eating like this will help you keep clean inside just like when you shower to keep clean outside.

Juliet Cohen writes articles for Health Problems. She also writes articles for Stye and Sunburn Treatment.

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